Bringing shopping to video on all screens

Utilizing AI to empower video content providers with a platform to let their viewers buy the goods and products they see on any screen

How Diddo Works

Computer Vision (AI)

Our model takes in video and identifies all of the products visible within that content while also providing comparable items at varying price points from other stores

Diddo Dashboard Shows Clients All Products On Screen

We provide a user-friendly dashboard of what goods and services will be sold that also serves as an internal approval service before reaching the end consumer

Compatible With Any UX/UI

We work with our early clients to create custom UX/UI to enable shopping opportunities before, during, or after the content being displayed to suit their specific needs

Native Checkout Anywhere

Diddo is connected to all e-commerce platforms, allowing viewers to purchase products directly from the video platform they are watching their content providing for a frictionless e-commerce experience (Shopify, Amazon Stores, Woo Commerce, etc.) with no QR codes required

Easy API Integration

Easy and intuitive API integration for content providers/video platforms to provide end to end capabilities ranging from product identification all the way to e-commerce checkout and fulfillment

Massive New Revenue Opportunities For No/Minimal Cost

Diddo's model unlocks massive new revenue streams for content providers, platforms, and streamers while also providing brands with new opportunities for product advertising and discovery

For Streamers

New Streams of Revenue & Increased Engagement
Opportunities for entirely new streams of revenue by offering a native shopping experience within the content allowing users to buy products directly from their favorite shows and movies.

For Brands

New Ways to Engage and Advertise
Brands have new channels of advertising, discovery, and sales by displaying their products that appear on screen or as alternatives at varying price points.

For Infrastructure Providers

New Tools for Existing and Future Customers
A simple API makes it easy for infrastructure providers to offer our product to their small or large customers among their existing suite of services, unlocking a new revenue stream.

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